Abrasive Blasting

“Whenever we are in a hurry, (almost every order) the team at Tru-Vision always comes thru to help us satisfy our customer orders. I can’t say enough about the team at Tru-Vision Plastics “

-Jason Loerwald, Operations Manager, Tiger Equipment & Supply Co.

The Safety & Abrasive Blasting Distribution Department finds its niche in developing and manufacturing safety visors and lenses above and beyond the available options found in today’s marketplace.

One such success is the bent visor created to meet the specific needs of a Fortune 500 aluminum products company. Tru-Vision Plastics also created the patented Visor Cover® for extended faceshield uses.

Safety Catalog

Choosing Visor Material

    Popular visor materials include:

  • Polycarbonate This material is suited for high heat applications, and is the best choice for higher energy impact hazards. Polycarbonate visors also provide 100% UV protection at wavelengths below 385 nanometers.
  • Polyester This material is an economical choice that offers light to medium impact protection against sawdust, wood chips, grinding particles, or machining debris.
  • Tinted Visors These visors reduce light transmission and are an option for use in variable light, sunlight, or glare.

Product Notes Niosh only certifies complete breathing respirators and does not issue certifications on individual components, such as inner and outer lenses. Compare our lenses thickness, size, and shape with those of the EOM for the hood you intend to use them on. Make sure they fit the same as the EOM lenses. Compare our clarity as well. You will be pleasantly surprised.