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If you are looking for a way to get products into a store, we have the solution in our Stic-N-Pic Retail System. Our system is fully customizeable to meet your specific merchandising needs.The Stic-N-Pic®** series is perfect for a wide variety of packages with or without hanging holes. Fast and easy to load by hand, just Stic your product to the special adhesive spot and press firmly. Faster and easier yet, load with our Semi-Automatic Auto-Stic Machine. (See page 8 of our catalog for more information).

Ideal for loading at the manufacturing facility or the Distribution center, our special adhesive holds your product firmly in place during shipment. And we challenge you to see how much faster your employees can attach your product to our strips either by hand or with or Auto-Stic Machine. Product can easily be reattached by the customer or store employee. Displays will always look great.

With this revolutionary design, only your product will be visible because the Stic-N-Pic®** Retail System is virtually invisible.

We offer a free evaluation of your products to help insure you get the right strip make-up for your needs.