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Are you looking for a merchandising system that can speed up your processes and be easier for your employees and customers? If that’s you, we have the solution in our Stic-N-Pic®** Retail System.

Our Stic-N-Pic®** Retail System can be applied by hand or by using our Auto-Stic Machine.
The Stic-N-Pic®** Strip is clear so it does not pull attention away from your product as it sells down, or from the merchandise that is hanging behind it. If a customer decides they don’t want to purchase your item, they or a store employee can simply Stic the merchandise back on the adhesive segment.

The Stic-N-Pic®** Retail System gives you the ability to grow incremental sales by quickly being able to cross merchandise products in high traffic areas and during peak seasonal sales in just a matter of minutes.

Watch the Retail Video on the right to see the advantages mentioned above, or give us a call at Tru-Vision Plastics to discuss all the options we have to meet your merchandising needs.

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