What Do Retail Merchandising Strips Do for Manufacturers & Distributors?

Retail Merchandising Strips

A clip strip is a thin piece of metal or plastic that has hooks positioned at the regular interval where you hang your merchandise. Clip strips are also referred to as merchandising, hang, display, and impulse strips. You can use merchandising strips mainly to hang and display your merchandise to customers, but you can do […]

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Why Are Industrial Face Shields Important to Use?

Industrial Face Shields

Eye and face protection is critical but is often taken for granted. If people need industrial face shields, it’s those working in medical facilities, chemical plants, construction sites, landscaping, and machine shops. Little was known about face shields until the Covid-19 outbreak. However, their significance in the above sectors is critical. Face shields are personal protective […]

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Tru-Vision Plastics, Inc: The Best Place to Order Face Shields

Face Shields

Face shields are a part of (PPE) personal protective equipment. They provide overall protection to the whole face from various hazards, like chemical splash, flying debris, arc flash, and extreme heat. Face shields vary in design and purpose. Some face shields are designed to shield the whole face and the eyes from hazards. They might […]

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