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The Top Benefits of Using Standard Retail Merchandising Strips in Your Store

What compels a consumer to buy something? Do advertising materials really motivate consumers to purchase one item over another item? You bet they do. One major study found that in-store and online advertisements influence nine out of 10 consumers. However, the same study reports that consumers trust printed ads and TV commercials (58 percent) much […]

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Why Are Commercial Clip Strip Plastics Important to Use?

Every retail business owner looks forward to super-looking shelves. You may have regular reviews to check their condition and make adjustments where necessary. While the main concern could be the shelves, have you thought about the details that can complement your shelves? Well, one such display complement is clip strip plastics from Tru-Vision Plastics, Inc. […]

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What Do Retail Merchandising Strips Do for Manufacturers & Distributors?

A clip strip is a thin piece of metal or plastic that has hooks positioned at the regular interval where you hang your merchandise. Clip strips are also referred to as merchandising, hang, display, and impulse strips. You can use merchandising strips mainly to hang and display your merchandise to customers, but you can do […]

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