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What are Face Shields Used for in Healthcare?

Tru-Vision Plastics customized face shields are an important part of protective equipment, which is used in a variety of medical settings. This blog will discuss why face shields are used in hospitals and the benefits they have in healthcare. We’ll also discuss the effectiveness of using a face shield for infection control. With this information, you’ll be […]

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Do Face Shields Work for COVID-19?

We all know what a menace COVID-19 has brought globally, and still recovering from the outbreak. Coronavirus is a virus that spreads in the air like the flu. Since the coronavirus outbreak, experts in the medical field have tried to come up with various methods to mitigate the virus. Among the standard methods utilized is […]

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Why Are Industrial Face Shields Important to Use?

Eye and face protection is critical but is often taken for granted. If people need industrial face shields, it’s those working in medical facilities, chemical plants, construction sites, landscaping, and machine shops. Little was known about face shields until the Covid-19 outbreak. However, their significance in the above sectors is critical. Face shields are personal protective […]

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