Why Are Industrial Face Shields Important to Use?

Industrial Face Shields

Eye and face protection is critical but is often taken for granted. If people need industrial face shields, it’s those working in medical facilities, chemical plants, construction sites, landscaping, and machine shops. Little was known about face shields until the Covid-19 outbreak. However, their significance in the above sectors is critical. Face shields are personal protective equipment (PPE) used by many workers for protecting the facial area and associated mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, and nose) from blood spatter, sprays, and splashes.

Despite being used extensively across sectors, their purpose varies based on the type of industry: governmental or professional societies. But don’t forget, the main aim of shielding workers is to protect them from potential harm. Let’s explore this concept in detail.

Using Industrial Face Shields to keep your Workplace Safe

Below are the various applications of safety face shield visors across industries:


Construction operators can use industrial face shields to protect the eyes from hard debris and dirt entering the eye or contacting other sensitive face parts. In the past, eye safety has improved in the construction industry, although you ought to know your eye safety takes priority over every other safety parameter. Construction workers use safety glasses to protect their eyes from flying debris and dirt. What about the rest of your face?

That’s why they introduced industrial face shields, as they protect the eye and the entire face, with other vital organs that need protection. Proper eye and face protection prevents injuries and other avoidable accidents from taking place. This equipment has made it easy for construction workers to perform rigorous duties as it is easy and very comfortable to wear.

Food Services

In the food industry, workers must maintain high levels of hygiene by using industrial face shields. Workers in this industry have an additional layer of protection against contaminating food with saliva, sweat, hair, and more. It forms a fence between the worker’s face and the food under processing, protecting the food and the worker from inhaling an allergic substance on the food.

The industrial face shield also protects workers in the food service industry from accidents. For instance, the industrial face shield can prevent hot cooking oil from injuring the workers’ faces in case of a splash.

Food service workers are exposed to many harmful chemicals and substances. They can avoid direct contact or inhaling these substances by wearing industrial face shields. Some workers might be processing meat where blood splashes in all directions, and an industrial face shield is essential. Besides preventing blood spatter, it prevents workers’ breath from reaching food directly.

Some diseases can be passed through the air, and when they land on food, it is easy for the disease to spread to another person, but thanks to the industrial face shield, it can limit the spread of airborne diseases.

Chemical Plants

Chemical manufacturing plants are vital businesses and sources of jobs and innovation. Using industrial face shields can assist in preventing the spread of germs in the working environment.

Using industrial face shields is also crucial in processes whereby implementing effective distancing measures might be a problem. They also protect workers in chemical plants against potential splashes or sprays from hazardous liquids.

The chemical manufacturing industry can modify these industrial face shield visors to protect workers against harmful UV rays. Much goes on in a chemical plant; apart from workers’ protection against harmful substances, they are also protected against contaminating highly reactive chemicals, which is easily achieved through industrial face shields.


For those working on farms, landscapers are no exception to using industrial face shields as they need them for their health protection. Farming is associated with numerous respiratory hazards such as:

  • Dust.
  • Pesticide vapors.
  • Harmful hydrogen sulfide accumulated in manure fields
  • Silos filled with nitrogen dioxide.

These substances can cause allergic reactions that may lead to expensive medical treatment, permanent lung disorders, or even death. Therefore, industrial face shields play a significant role in landscaping, preventing workers from having direct contact with these hazardous substances.

Most of the time, while at work, landscaping and horticultural service providers are always at risk of potential hazards. For example, landscapers usually take part in soil preparation and grading, which might lead to dust blowing towards the face of the landscaper but with an industrial face shield, they have robust protection against dust.

They also take part in lawn maintenance, where they trim flowers and maw lawns, exposing themselves to flying objects. Again, an industrial face shield protects them, especially their eyes, from getting injured by flying objects.

Landscapers also conduct activities like adding fertilizers to plants, mowing, and blowing the lawn. It’s evident from research that fertilizers are harmful to your health and need proper handling with care. As they are adding fertilizers to plants wearing industrial face shields protects them from making accidental face contact with the fertilizers that might lead to serious health problems. In addition, workers must wear industrial face shields when blowing as the activity might lead to some objects on the ground flying towards workers’ faces, leading to severe injuries.

Machine Shops

Most of the activities in a machine shop are mechanical; thus, the chances of accidents occurring and severe facial injuries are high, but an industrial face shield has your face covered and protected. For example, industrial face shields in machining help protect workers against mechanical, chemical, and environmental hazards.

In machine shops, industrial face shields play significant roles in protecting against intense heat sparks from arc welding equipment and optical radiation. For instance, machining workers avoid direct contact with harmful gases when welding by wearing industrial face shields. However, for protection against optical radiation, the industrial face shields might need proper modifications to fit the role.

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