Do Face Shields Work for COVID-19?

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We all know what a menace COVID-19 has brought globally, and still recovering from the outbreak. Coronavirus is a virus that spreads in the air like the flu. Since the coronavirus outbreak, experts in the medical field have tried to come up with various methods to mitigate the virus.

Among the standard methods utilized is the use of face shields and masks. Some people cannot keep their faces covered; thus, they are advised to wear face shield headgear. The face shield headgear has played a crucial role in curbing the spread of COVID-19 as it serves people allergic to the fabric covering their faces.

Are Face Shields Better Than Face Masks?

Face shields are very efficient for those who find it hard to breathe with face masks. While there needs to be solid evidence on whether face shields are better than masks, masks appear to serve the same purpose only in different capacities.

Individuals have diversified perspectives on using face shield headgear and masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a person has to put on a face shield or a mask to avoid getting in contact with droplets from an infected individual while coughing.

First, face shields work better than face masks because they cover the whole face, including the eyes. Second, the shield will block the cough droplets on the screen, preventing a person from direct contact with the virus, while a mask only covers the main entry areas (nose and mouth).

What Masks Are Best for Covid-19?

Before looking at the best masks for Covid, we should understand that all these masks should meet the standards listed below:
Should properly fit your nose and mouth
Should have a nose wire
Must have multiple layers of non-woven materials

Having understood the standard requirements for face masks, let’s jump onto the best masks for Covid-19 prevention. Below are the top 3 best masks that will protect you from COVID-19.

N95 Mask

The N95 mask meets all the requirements of the U.S. quality standards. It is one of the best masks that offer the highest levels of COVID-19 protection. With this mask, the wearer has more protection than the medical mask, as it can filter both small and large particles as you breathe.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, CDC advised N95 masks to be reserved for healthcare providers due to their high-level protection against the virus.

KN95 Mask

KN95 mask meets most of the international standards for offering protection against Covid-19. The KN95 mask offers more protection compared to the medical mask. Like the N95, it can filter large and small particles while breathing.

Medical Mask

Despite medical masks not being able to offer more protection than KN95 and N95 masks, they are better than cloth masks. Alternatively, surgical masks are meant to protect the wearer from droplets that might contain germs. They can also filter large particles; however, they fail to filter small particles when the wearer breathes.

Where Are Face Shields Required?

There are different areas where face shield headgear is vital depending on the industrial workers operating, as will be discussed below.

Transferring Or Handling Chemicals

In industries working with hazardous chemicals, all chemical plant operators must put on face shields to protect their faces. In the case of a liquid chemical splashing, it will not be able to make contact with the face of the operator due to the face shield. For more eye protection, operators should put goggles under the face shield.

For instance, while in the laboratory handling liquid nitrogen, one must have safety goggles and put on a safety shield. We need to know if face shields work for Covid-19.

Protecting Medical Workers from Body Fluids

Medical workers are always advised to cover their faces each time they attend to emergencies. With a face shield, medical workers can protect the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, and eye from splatter. All medical workers should have face shields as part of their protective equipment.

Blast Furnace Operation

With some modification of the face shield, operators doing hot metal work can protect their eyes against the bright light produced by the blast furnace. Although it might not offer the best solution for preventing hot substances from reaching the operator’s face still, it does help to avoid mechanical injuries.

The face shield will protect operators from burns by restricting IR and UV radiation from molten metals. This is because the face shields are made with special polycarbonate coatings. In most cases, the face shields are modified by adding a thin layer of gold that assists in improving reflectivity.

Using Hand Tools

While using hand tools such as grinders, nail guns, and pliers, it is essential to have a face shield. This prevents your eyes and face from flying objects that might cause mechanical eye injuries. For instance, while cutting small metal pieces, often some pieces fly off, but with a face shield, workers’ eyes and faces are safe.

Machining Industry

In this industry, workers are prone to physical, chemical, and mechanical injury to their faces. However, with the introduction of face shields in the industry, workers’ faces and eyes are protected against harmful gases and heat sparks emitted during welding. With the correct modifications on the face shield, operators are well protected against UV light produced during arc welding.


With the current advancement in Covid-19, traces of the virus have been found in fecal matter. Hence, plumbers are advised to improve their protective equipment where face shields are required.
The face shield will protect plumbers against fecal splatter, a regular occurrence in plumbing.

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