Why Are Commercial Clip Strip Plastics Important to Use?

Strip Plastics

Every retail business owner looks forward to super-looking shelves. You may have regular reviews to check their condition and make adjustments where necessary. While the main concern could be the shelves, have you thought about the details that can complement your shelves? Well, one such display complement is clip strip plastics from Tru-Vision Plastics, Inc.

Here’s why they are essential to use:

They Help Educate Customers

Educating customers may sound like advertising the products, but it is different. It entails making the customer aware of how to use the product and its combinations.

You can educate consumers on how to use products by grouping them. Shelf strips already assist in informing customers about product prices and other information your company deems useful. Besides these uses, you can include product bundle suggestions.

Clip strips retail allows you to group products and offer more information. For instance, you can consider using shelf clips to group products that make a recipe together when arranging items in a grocery store. This can help provide customers with new cooking ideas. Providing more information to customers via shelf strips helps improve the purchase experience, encouraging customers to return to your store.

Educating consumers may achieve the advertising goal in the long run but educating, in this case, is the primary goal. Today’s customers are more aware of what they purchase, so providing information on a product can trigger them to buy. This also builds the customer’s trust, which will help retain them.

They Help Advertise the Latest Products and Promotions

Clip strips plastics are an effective way to advertise your latest promotions and deals. While many may argue about their size and the effectiveness of capturing customers’ interest, positioning them correctly is the key. Attaching the correct signage along with the promotional product will increase the probability of catching the eye.

Practically, it looks like this: your supplier has a new soft drink flavor in stock. Before ordering it, you place a clip strip display to showcase and inform the consumer that a new flavor is available. To efficiently capture attention, display the signage along the soft drink aisle.

The way you display it is your decision, but ensure it’s strategically positioned to capture the eye. Also, you can use pamphlets that customers can carry home. Flyers can be more effective as customers can further advertise to friends and family when they carry them along.

Using discounts can also enhance the advertisement. For instance, you can offer the new product at a 5% discount, attach an additional complementary product to it or use the buy one get one free strategy. Whichever method you use, the main point should be to present the new product to consumers conspicuously.

Another way is to use complementary products, which helps you advertise different products concurrently. For instance, you may advertise promotions to include pens at a discount if you’ve launched new notebooks.

The clip strips retail takes the place of a salesperson to inform customers about the product. You can add the pen deal details on the clip strip or beside the notebook.

They Help in Cross Merchandising

Cross-merchandising is also known as secondary product placement. Retail business owners use a marketing-savvy strategy to display their products. It’s also a visual technique that store management places complementary products next to one another.

This product association promotes impulse buying. Customers may not realize that they require a product until they find it alongside the product they want. Since it provides convenience for customers, it helps increase sales of both items.

Cross-merchandising is an effective way to increase the size of your customers’ baskets. For example, if a supermarket has a food section or an eatery, you can have sauces and spices held by clip strips plastic on the aisles.

If it’s a pregnant women’s cloth section, you can have newborn essentials such as napkins and bibs on clip strips. While it makes shopping easier, it increases sales and gives customers a great shopping experience.

They Save on Space

Using clip strips to attach products to different places helps save the floor and shelf space. One such place is the shelf flames. Attaching some products to them using the clip strips provides more opportunity and space for merchandise.

Being versatile helps you use them on the products you find appropriate. For instance, on newborn bibs, considering the unit and space strategy, they may not require a shelf, so clip strips will help sell them off the shelf.

Also, clip strips can help decongest products on the shelves. Instead of disorganizing and disarranging specific products, using clip strips off the shelf will help create space and enhance the look of the shelf.

They Encourage Impulse Buying

Customers are usually organized at the moment of purchase. They make shopping lists and then decide to buy the items on the list in an orderly manner. In an ever-busy world, time is of the essence. However, impulse buying is sometimes inevitable, even for the most orderly buyer.

Understanding the trigger points for impulse purchasing and showcasing products with those triggers is the trick for retailers.

Modern retailers reach customers proactively by using sign holders that draw attention to promotions that have a probability of causing trigger impulse purchases. For instance, a retailer can place kids’ goodies such as sweets, chocolates, or toys on different shelves. This will trigger kids to see and want them.

Also, clip strips trigger impulse buying when they are positioned to cross-merchandise. When complementary products are placed together using clip strips, it’ll encourage the buyer to purchase what they didn’t intend to buy.

For example, you could include cutlery beside cooking pans in the kitchen products aisle. Being complementary products, the consumer may realize that they need them and hence make an unplanned purchasing decision. It also makes shopping much easier.


The use of clip strips is beneficial to businesses. You can use them to achieve one or more purposes. If you’re a retail business owner who has yet to add clip strips retail as a display strategy to your business, you’re missing out. At Tru-Vision Plastics, we are here for you. We have standard retail merchandising strips for lightweight and heavy-weight displays. Contact us to learn more about our products and our capabilities.