What Do Retail Merchandising Strips Do for Manufacturers & Distributors?

Retail Merchandising Strips

A clip strip is a thin piece of metal or plastic that has hooks positioned at the regular interval where you hang your merchandise. Clip strips are also referred to as merchandising, hang, display, and impulse strips. You can use merchandising strips mainly to hang and display your merchandise to customers, but you can do so much more with them. However, this will work only if you look beyond their primary purpose. According to experts, these devices can effectively boost sales.

Let’s see several ways you can use retail merchandising strips effectively.

To Maximize Your Retail Space

Retail clip strips make great merchandising tools since they attach to retail fixtures. In addition, they help you in maximizing your shelf and floor space better. Using clip strips can, for example, utilize the shelf frame space that might have stayed vacant. This can give you additional opportunities for success with sales and provide customers with a better shopping experience too.

One of the most significant benefits of clip strips is that you can locate them anywhere, making them versatile. Besides, they don’t take any shelf space, and thus, you can allocate your space more perfectly to the products that deserve it.

Merchandising all hanging products on a clip strip is worth it since it provides extra space for the products that sell well. Yet again, this allows you to get the most out of your space.

To Advertise Your Latest Deals or Promotions

Using retail merchandising strips can best advertise your latest deals or promotions. However, there is a solid argument why you would like to place them, and some customers might not see them because of their size. You can resolve this by attaching the appropriate signage, and you will have all the chances of catching the customer’s eyes.

Let’s assume it’s summer, and your supplier has a new energy drink flavor they are testing out. Before you order the stock, you can sell the product on a clip strip alongside your energy drinks category. You require providing all the right signage notifying somebody visiting the shelf that you have a new flavor. It depends on how you display them. It can be like a pamphlet your customers can go home with or a real product.

You can even use discounts on the new product as part of the promotion. What about retailing two products for one price or selling one product and giving a 10% discount on another? The most important thing is for the product to be off the shelf and get in the presence of your customers.

You can also expand this by including complementary products, and it can work just well. For instance, you can advertise a deal for a new phone in the market by offering a phone cover after every new purchase at a discount.

To Educate Your Customers

You can use retail merchandising strips to educate your customers about your stock products. Although education and advertising are naturally similar, they have a difference. Clip strips can inform your customers about using a product on the shelf.

If the product is, for example, a detergent, you can consider using clip strips to show the steps of mixing the detergent. It might appear promotional, but it can educate the customer by first giving information about the product.

To Cross-Merchandise Your Products

Even though your main goal is to generate money consistently, you should consider your customer too. If you consider your customers’ needs, the profit margins will rise.

Since your customers don’t have enough time to look around for products, cross-merchandising using clip strips can make sense. It’s very convenient and improves your customer’s shopping experience. Moreover, customers usually remember good experiences, making them more motivated to return.

No matter how you do cross-merchandising, it’s the best strategy that can help you to grow the number of your customers and generate more money. So, it’s worth trying merchandising strips as long as they are strong enough to hold any product you have placed on them.

You can also consider placing carrier packs in front of the shelf for your customers should they want to buy a few items as a present and require a bag to carry them.

To Encourage Impulse Buying

A clip strip permits you to display related products from diverse types together. This means that it opens the opportunity to make extra profits.

Cross-merchandising motivates your customers to purchase products they had not planned to when they first entered your premises. However, there is one more fact to know. When a clip strip is strategically placed, it can encourage impulse buying. That’s why clip strips are often called impulse strips. Though it is called impulse buying, your customers do it comfortably.

Let’s assume you have a beauty aisle. You can include nail accessories on a merchandising strip next to the lotion and makeup products. When you do that, you will make your customer’s shopping experience better. When buying shampoo, a customer will see the nail accessories and make a sudden decision. The customer might realize they require it and put it in the shopping basket. Remember that this will likely happen only if you put it there for them to see.

Source Your Merchandising Strips from The Best

Manufacturers mainly focus on getting the obvious features right, but the little things, such as retail merchandising strips, usually go undetected. Indeed, clip strips are merchandising tools that can complement the more unique elements of your store. While they play a significant role in maximizing shelf space, they can serve numerous purposes, and thus, you can get the most out of them.

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